Monthly Education & Action Plan That Reveals Hidden Bad Things While Also Revealing Hidden And Not So Hidden Do Things For Our Health To Put Ourselves In Position For Powerful, GREAT Health.

Discover MAGNAKOR Strategic Health Makeover Program

Copy Our Own Strategic Plan for a Comprehensive Natural & Logical Health Habit & Environment Makeover to Identify the Bad and Replace the Bad with the Good & the GREAT!

Learn Our Detailed Plan for the Month, Each Month for Increasing Personal Health Power Immensely.

Discover Many Different Strategic, Plans, Methods, Systems, Strategies, Research and Protocols by Us and Others to Increase Your Effective Health Knowledge Considerably.

Our GOAL with MAGNA KOR: Provide an Exact Plan of Action, Doable Plans of Action with Replacement Habits so We Remove So Many Bad Things While Increasing So Many Good Fundamental Health Things. And by Doing This We Put Ourselves in Position Logically & Mathematically to Better Avoid a Ton of Possible Health Problems


This Program Was Made For Our Own Selves And Now We Share With You. You Will Go On A Journey Of Research And Education In Regards To What Are The Actual Fundamentals That Can Bring Good Health.

Tap our experience in over three and a half decades in developing natural and logical health solution creations from systematically and impressively solving our own health problems. And because our methods have worked so well for us we decided to share them in our Publications.

But what we have discovered is that there are many Health fundamentals that are not understood nor taught in popular health that are the key fundamentals for having great health and preventing problems.

Imagine making your bone strength so strong that it can endure great amounts of impact

Imagine making your muscles and joints, ligaments and tendons so strong that you can become quite agile and strong in a wide range of movements.

Have you noticed the disease rates skyrocketing off the charts? Now you'll get to learn that there are exact reasons to why this happens and you'll get to learn what are root causes that contribute and call problems.

There are many positive Health substances out there that are not so positive and are not as effective as touted. Learn about these and then learn about others that are highly effective.

Start to learn methods of application, systematic approach for overcoming a health problem using natural, logical and kinetic means.

Discover the Power of Habit setting and learn how to become a master and reprogramming yourself for success.

MAGNA KOR Health Program is a Monthly Systematic Education & ACTION Plan Monthly Program for Resetting Health Back to Optimal Natural Human Levels

  • Education
  • Protocols
  • Secrets
  • Prevention
  • Empowerment
  • Super Human Performance Naturally
  • Powerful Immune Systems
  • Clean Out and Reset for Pure Body Regeneration from Our Original Intended Design through Our Own Stem Cells, Naturally
  • Pain Vanuishing
  • Agility & Mobility Increasing
  • Weight Loss, Lean & Toned Body Getting
  • Anti-Aging
  • Better More Attractiveness from the Outside and Inside
  • Mental & Emotional Health Optimization - as Goes the Soul, Goes the Physical Body
  • Frequencies, Magnetic & Light Advanced & Creative Technique Usage for Health Optimization
  • Advanced Habit Programming Methods
  • Advanced Performance Mindstate Training
  • Strength, Muscle Building & Physical Power Building
  • Emotion Technology
  • Highly Efficient physiological and psychological harmonizing and coordinating creative and advanced forms of exercise (with no philosophical or 'religious' associations) design for practical purposes and physical mental body performance optimization.

Modern Times Have Modern Health Challenges And We Developed This Program For Ourselves For Problem Avoidance But Also Health Optimization To Superior Levels In Order To Perform At A High Level Of Health Ability And Agility - And Now We Share This Program With You At A Nominal Monthly Fee That Provides You Very Powerful Education And Solutions From Which You Can Learn For Design Of Your Own Health Strategies Especially In Coordination With Your Own Knowledgeable Healthcare Professionals

Develop Your Own Highly Organized And Well Planned Out Strategic Health Plans And Goals. Learn The Doable Strategies Each Month That Will Inspire You To Get You Thinking About New Fantastic Ways For Optimizing Health

Learn From Us As We Assimilate And Explain To You The Secrets Of Many Highly Successful Health Healers And High-performance Athletes In Combination With Our Own Many Remarkable Health Solutions And Health Goal Achievement Systems, Strategies And Protocols That We've Developed Over Time. So Therefore We Will Put All This Information In Easy To Understand Language And Explanation. You'll Start To Increase Your Health Vocabulary And Understanding Whereas Will Reveal The Secrets And Logical Understanding Of These Various Fancy Terms Although Many Of These Fancy Terms Were Developed In Order To Hide Rather Simple Logic From You.

MAGNA KOR Health Program is a Monthly Systematic Education & ACTION Plan Monthly Program for Resetting Health Back to Optimal Natural Human Levels

  • MAGNA KOR divides up training and education on how old the bodywork from the perspective of highly successful advanced healers in combination with our own health strategy solutions and protocols that we have developed over time to solve many of our own problems. This membership is designed to be educational and inspirational while providing a model doable plan that we make for us, that we share for you. Of course we can't diagnose or prescribe for you but the next best thing we can do is provide you information that we have discovered for ourselves be very powerful.
  • One thing that we have learned about how is that if you don't become highly systematized and turn your positive health factors into a habit then nothing gets done so we designed programs for training on how to take particular positive health factor and turn it into a habit through advanced tab and programming techniques.
  • We also deal with the uninstallation of bad health factor habits and can show you our very effective techniques on nullifying old bad health habits.
  • We will also assimilate and explain various clinical study breakthroughs and historical clinical studies so that you gain incredible insight and knowledge that you can use for generating your own health positive solutions and ideas.
  • Gaining credible health understated power by our assimilation and presentation of the secrets of tactics is various health care professionals that have been highly successful in fixing about every health problem name you've ever heard of.
  • MAGNA KOR : MAGNA is the brand name. It means GREAT. KOR is just simply a cool looking spelling for the word "core". And what were looking to do is reset our poor health which means we want to get all of these bad things out and away from us and we want to install all these powerful things and much of which has been hitting from us by popular health whether that be on purpose or just due to lack of understanding due to philosophical limitations.
  • Philosophical limitations: how to see them for what they are and then how to break them by accumulating knowledge and understanding of the successful healing and superior health and physical performance modalities. A lot of people get stuck and confused by their health philosophies usually because they're trying to sell something; yet discover how that's a trap back in trap that individual and others they advise into nowhere land and health failure.
  • Start to learn about the hidden powers of natural substances that most simply don't talk about. There are many other nutrients and other nonvisible properties to various natural food substances that can have a powerful impact that we can use either as a habit or for a purposeful meaning to achieve a health goal.
  • Discover advanced techniques discovered from the world of professional bodybuilding (natural) that we can using cross correlate to help us achieve our health goals and help us to overcome various health problems.
  • Discover our powerful health philosophies that are foundational to great health for humans that can help you with a framework that allows you to pursue health solutions.
  • Find out how to reset your body so you don't have to worry about weight gain much ever again. Learn how to tame a lean body quickly and keep it.
  • It's fine discoveries and antiaging is that you can ask your knowledge and understanding including concepts that you can use to create your own antiaging protocols and habits.

Discover The Hidden Health Traps Lurking Behind Every Corner, Many If Not Most Of Which May Shock You.

You Are Surrounded By Enemies To Your Health That First Of All Should Never Be There But They Are. Your Health Is Being Attacked At Every Angle And You May Not Know It. Most Have No Idea Until It's Too Late. Don't Make This Mistake.

Take Action Now and Turn Powerful Health into an Automatic Habit so it Becomes Easy Because Bad Health is Lurking Right Around the Corner and if We All Don't Take Action Now to Remove and Defend the Bad While Installing the Good It May One Day Be Too Late... Sign Up and Try it Out!




MAGNAKOR = Hideous Health Factor Identification, Elimination, Replacement With New Health Power Habit Installation Methods.

Core Foundational Natural Health Education & Research Done for You

MAGNAKOR Health Makeover Program is a monthly program based on a particular habit reprogramming method 2 uninstall bad habits and install good habits that create automatic health boosting. But first we need to identify what exactly is the bad thing and then we need to identify what exactly is the good thing. We then look to replace the bad thing with the good thing with while turning the good thing in into an automatic habit that feels like it requires no effort at all.

Over time we have discovered that it is our habits that create our health. And it has even been shown that it's our habits that shape our DNA. People often talk about genetics causing this weakness for that weakness or this or that problem when they don't even have the thought to look into their families environment and across-the-board habits, habits which range from foods to personal hygiene.

Modern times have become particularly Health challenging as you may have noticed. There are incredible levels of health problems at least at the time of this typing that have gotten out of control. So therefore since there are so many different negative Health factors coming at us from so many different angles what will look to do is identify for you these negative factors and Powerful positive factors that we have discovered through research, personal experience, personal testing, clinical testing and the research and success of other successful health Solution providers.

And since we cannot be your health advisor we provide this membership for educational an inspirational purposes. By bringing light what is health negative and what is health positive you can gain knowledge and understanding in addition to material from which you can pursue your own research and then combined while working with your own personal knowledgeable Healthcare professional to devise your own health optimization and health problem prevention plan. Why do so again?

Because there is a war for your health. And due to modernization you must be aggressive and active in battling the negative Health forces wow powering yourself up with good health forces in order to put yourself in a higher probability position to have great health and avoid Health troubles.

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Health, Master

Learn from Natural Health Masters

Use our over 3 decades of experience in developing natural health systems, natural and logical health remedies and human body performance systems to present to you through our angle of logic a total fundamental natural & logical health reset and restructuring plan. 

You can learn from our discoveries and work with your own licensed, knowledgeable, competent health care professional to devise your own specific fundamental, logical natural health plan for GREAT health.  "Ok" health or "just getting by" health is not good enough, especially these days.  You must have GREAT health in order to help avoid many problems and put yourself in position to maximize your potential for greatness. 


Fundamentals of Human Health Restoration

Tap Lessons, Self Experimentation, Self Experimentation Results from Others, Clinical Studies, Secrets & Wisdom Acquired, Secrets & Practices of Ancient Cultures and Breaking New Discoveries all in Combination with our over the 30 Years Experience with the Health & Fitness Industry all Rapped up into MAGNA KOR Monthly Training Program

Learn About:

  • Supplements
  • Herbs
  • Foods
  • Fats
  • Frequencies
  • Mindstates & Emotional States
  • Habits:  how to get rid of the bad and install the good
  • Identification of hidden poisons and toxins: air, water, cleaners, personal care items, cosmetics, creams, oral care, furniture, carpets, building materials, cars internal and external emissions, radiation, EMF, frequency pollution, soul pollution etc  known or not as known.
  • Advanced techniques in healing from around the world
  • Ancient techniques for healing and optimal health from around the world
  • New upcoming technological health break through

Knowledge + Understanding = You Control Your Health = You Can Make it Great!

The Focus with MAGNA KOR is to Provide Education and Understanding of a Broad Spectrum of Health Related Concerns to Empower You to Seek a More Optimized State of Health for Potential Health Problem Avoidance and Thriving Health Maximization

Once  you have the knowledge and understanding you can then gain the ability to create your own natural health solutions and remedies or use the information to help you avoid health issues and bad health advice.




Learn Why So Many Are Getting "Modern Illness" so You Can Potentially Avoid

Discover Why a Large Percentage of People in USA and Other Countries These Days Have Become Naturally Obese and Strangely, Excessively "Puffy" and What You Can Do to Potentially Prevent and Reverse the Process by Understanding the Root Causes

Learn from Our Powerful MAGNA KOR Health Resurrection Program We Designed for Ourselves and Now Share with You.  

MAGNAKOR Health Resurrection is a Program Created for the Sake of Complete Health Fundamental Resetting and Then Optimization Taken from Personal Testing, Ancient Natural Health Masters and Modern Natural Health Masters.

We Provide Practical Doable Steps and Education Monthly Off of Which You Can Learn and Model (if you choose under the guidance of your health care professional...).

Doable is a Keyword for Our Program in that We Use a Certain Productivity System for Quantifiably Improving Our Health Habits & Environments Monthly.  This Method Helps us Stack and Compound Positive Health Factors. We Also Provide Short Cuts, "Cheats" to Quickly Access What You Need to Follow the Program.

What's Inside MAGNA KOR Health Ressurection Program

  • Reports come monthly.
  • Each month introduces a new plan with 5 "LOI System" Doable Steps that Move Health Forward by Measurable Improvements
  • You are given "cheat sheets" to help make it much more easy and fast to get certain things done
  • Identifying, Understanding & Systematically Eradicating the Bad Through Our Bad Habit Eradicator Process
  • Identifying, Understanding & Systematically Installing the Good Through Our Good Health Habit Installer Process.
  • Month by Month Advancing to Great Realms of Natural Health Fundamental Optimization
What are we going to provide for you with your MAGNAKOR Membership?

  1. Videos audios and some print - whatever gets you the message and understanding in the most efficient way in the shortest amount of time so you can add value to yourself without taking up too much of your time. We accept requests for clarification on the content so we can better help you understand what we are talking about.
  2. Everything we present to you can be researched for yourself.
  3. We provide a system of. application.
  4. We provide the understanding behind our health positive and corrective method.
  5. We train you in the mindset that will unlock the understanding to solving and preventing negative Health factors.
  6. We provide the replacement of the bad thing because you can't just stop the dad thing usually without replacing it with the good thing.


In a nutshell it's a monthly program we have made for ourselves but are now offering to you in order to transform our health from crappy into great by identifying the hidden bad thing and replacing the hidden bad thing with a powerful good thing. And through over 30 years of being in health and fitness we have found that what often reported as a good thing, is not a good thing. And what gets off and reported as a bad thing is not a bad thing.

People are falling apart around us right and left and this is not good so we decided to not hide our can any more and use it to inspire others to possibly help them make the changes we have for powerful health and the correction of many past health problems.

Due to the corruption of mindset in health common sense has seemed to have left the planet, or at least our society. Very few can figure out how to actually in completely fix it without creating other health problems in the process. Yet a health fix is so simple for the most part. We have proven this over and over and over again. Tgr techniques and we will teach art techniques in addition to the techniques we have gleaned from others who have had near miraculous abilities, but naturally and logically not super naturally necessarily, to crack the code towards major health problems. Through this knowledge in in in understanding you may gain insight to give you the puzzle pieces and clues to help better behavioral choices in yourself and come up with asians with your own licensed knowledgeable healthcare professional you can work with you on an individual basis to maybe solve your own health problems and prevent future ones.

As mama says... An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure... For sure! Thanks mama! But on the other hand we would argue that most people have no idea how to handle prevention in today's extremely toxic modern world. In today's toxic Modern world we are bombarded by a mind-blowing array of hideous Health factors that most people have no clue about. We're going to help expose those to you and provide better understanding to leidos or negative Health factors.

Additionally when it comes to health, optimization frequency and quantity of use is important. Also various good things can be turned into systems with certain frequencies and repetitions that we do with a purpose until it becomes a habit. What's a systematic good thing becomes they have it then it becomes what we call a "Mini Health Superpower".

So when you sign up what we have for you are educational reports and explanations

1. Exposing the bad thing

2. Replacing the bad thing with the good thing

3. How to actually change a habit at the root, the core on purpose. The goal is GREAT Health but really we are pushing towards Super Human Level Health But NATURALLY.

Once enough bad things identified and replaced with good things as a habit it becomes very difficult for the body to become ill or weak even through old age.

This is the program that just needed to be done which means that we have discovered that it has become critical to become highly organized if we wanted to create great health for ourselves. Just about every convenience out there is geared towards mediocre health or poor health at least to this point in time. 7 words have great health we have to go to war and we need to battle and conquer. Once we, you love, have a have a core understanding of what is bad, the multitudinous seemingly never-ending list hidden hideous health factors, then they can be systematically turned away from and eliminated out of one's life yet replaced with the good positive Life Giving and power giving good thing which becomes the good habit, which becomes automatic, which then becomes a powerful health addition onto you.

This program is not designed for you as an individual it was designed for us but it wasn't really designed for us as an individual "diagnosis and prescription". We don't play that game. What we look to do is identify the bad thing which is the reason and the cause for any negative Health manifestation, eliminate the bad thing and inverse to you do good thing instead habitually to bring about great health. That's a basic formula we have used to crack the code on many many health problems of Our Own since we were forced to do to incompetence of those who are advising us throughout the years.

We do not diagnose treat analyze "diseases" since those diseases are the manufactured creative terminology of a particular form of healthcare. On that note we are not your health advisors. And do not do anything from this program without the approval and monitoring of your own personal licensed knowledgeable Healthcare professional. This program is genuinely only for informational and inspirational purposes from which you can use our insight while picking up on our mindset that has led to our proven ability to solve our own health problems to spark in you your own ideas for research and testing. But do understand we have had easy access do healthcare professionals bounce ideas off whenever needed - you may want to establish the same, which actually is easier than ever to do these days on the internet. There are actually websites you can sign up and pay a small fees to ask different questions. Now they may not have the level of mind for health solution we have or that some others have but you may be able to gain puzzle pieces to solve your own puzzle. Mindset + Enthusiasm can solve a lot of things and crack a lot of codes!

Why does MAGNAKOR sound like something to do with the inner core levels layers and rocks of the Earth? I know the name may sound a little funny at first. But MAGNA is the brand name that comes out of MAGNA Being which is the central brand name which means GREAT Being, as in GREAT Well being or GREAT Health. This is a name we came up with many years ago and just simply didn't do much with it until now. But on the other hand if you think about it MAGNA or MAGMA "hot fluid or semifluid material below or within the earth's crust from which lava and other igneous rock is formed on cooling." (Oxford) and KOR or CORE (of the Earth) could have a cross-correlation Association whereas if we correct the core of our health then good things flow from the CORE to the outside forming a healthy strong rich outer shell, a fully functional and good-looking body.

We appreciate the philosophy that you are genetics are determined by your beliefs as Bruce Lipton has discovered through his stem cell research.

We appreciate original design and think that your Maker is the best and knows best.

We do look for fundamental KOR health habit makeovers but we also look for the quicker fix that actually works without causing a ruckus of side effects, and we look for such a quicker fix naturally in a holistic synergistic type of way

Benefits of MAGNA KOR Health Ressurection Program

  • Restore the KOR and many health related benefits follow.
  • With today's technology and transportation industries all health related products are or are becoming accessible through online ordering. And today we have the opportunity to obtain the supplements and foods to complete out SUPER health states optimizing the body with powerful nutrition from nature. The only missing piece from there is knowledge and the understanding on how to use nature's super empowering substances.
  • More Happiness
  • More Energy
  • More Drive
  • More Libido
  • Think Better
  • Less Pain More Feeling Good
  • Feel Better Produces More Confidence & More Confidence Produces More Success



The thing about health is that in order to have great health we can't go by what we "feel like" but we have to use our cerebral minds to make the superior decisions. Our cerebral minds must take over and make us do the excellent things for our health. Have you noticed that?

On top of that it's really easy for everyone to think that they are in good health or have good health habits because that's what we want to think. We don't want to be bothered by it so we tend to not look at our own habits in a factual way.

If we go what we "feel like" then what happens? Not much. We'll tend to go the easiest, lowest effort route making ourselves vulnerable to the "quick fix pitch" and to foods that will tear our health apart on the short, medium and long term.

Invest in your health education today. You'll be immensely glad you did right away and decades from now as well.

What People Are Saying:

MAGNA KOR showed me that i had no clue how bad my health habits were (we can all be in denial and not even know what has been hurting our health until we get educated ie through an easy to understand program that makes sense and shows proof through things like clinicals and results from clinics around the world like MAGNA KOR) so month by month i just followed the system and now I've lost a bunch of weigh, can even see my abs, my energy clarity and focus is through the roof, my joint pain gone, my blood pressure normal, my blood sugar normal, my cholesterol is good, my hair has started growing back, I'm looking probably 10 years younger, i can move faster and am more agile...
CKFat Slob Turned Stud by Fixing Health
MAGNA KOR is one of the best things you can do because if you do nothing these days your health is guaranteed to fall apart. MAGNA KOR can help you get back on track that you've probably never even heard about for super health. I'm feeling like a super man these days because of it.